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Cardiovascular negative effects take place in less compared to 3 % of people and include bradycardia, hypotension, rainfall of heart failure, and cold extremities. Less than 1 % of people state clearing signs. These side impacts could require discontinuation of therapy or dose decrease. Using atenolol (the active substance included in Tenormin) could be related to minimized HDL cholesterol levels as well as enhanced complete cholesterol levels. These modifications could be unhealthy in some patients regarding cardiovascular disease. [Ref]

Neurologic adverse effects are less common with atenolol (the active ingredient consisted of in Tenormin) than regarding a few other beta-blockers considering that it is much less lipophilic and, for that reason, much less able to pass through the main nerves. At the very least 3 cases of acute main anxious system disturbances have actually been associateded with atenolol therapy. In one situation, the proportion of the serum to CSF atenolol degrees was 2: 1, which is a lot below formerly reported proportions of 14: 1 indicating that there was considerable CSF seepage. [Ref]

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Nerves negative effects such as complaints of sleep disturbances, depression, and also headache take place in around 4 % of people. Stressed system negative effects are less usual compared to regarding some beta-blockers as a result of the a lot more hydrophilic homes of atenolol. A solitary instance of natural anxiousness syndrome has been associated regarding swift withdrawal of atenolol therapy. [Ref]